IMG is proud to announce it’s 2022 Changemakers who will participate in AAFW in various capacities including programming, content integrations and runway shows. They include Alix Higgins, Byron Spencer, Charlee Fraser, Charlotte Agnew, Danielle Plaisted, Eugene Leung, Hanan Ibrahim, Laura Mazikana, Liandra Gaykamangu, Sean Brady and Serwah Attafuah. This year, IMG collaborated with Serwah Attafuah, the trailblazing self-taught digital artist from Western Sydney who has gained international notoriety for her 3D animations and hyper-fantastic worlds, to bring each of the Changemakers to life through her unique lens.

Alix Higgins is a textile designer and musician, who’s eponymous label is a collection of garments that walk the delicate line between party outfits and poetry.

Byron Spencer is a multidisciplinary artist, working in the realms of photography, sound design, film and creative direction.

Charlee Fraser is the current face of Australian fashion, representing Indigenous fashion and models on a global scale whilst establishing herself as a role model and mentor for the next generation of talent.

Charlotte is the Fashion Editor of RUSSH Magazine and Founder of Whatelse, an online publication challenging the structures and culture of the Australian Fashion Industry.

Danielle Plaisted is a part of a new generation of “Community Retailers” changing the retail landscape globally. Her radical appointment-only store, Distal Phalanx, is operated from her living room and serves an international clientele. Plaisted has provided an opportunity for graduate designers in Australia to sit alongside cult international designers including Telfar and Barragan.

Eugene Leung is the Founder and Creative Director of INJURY, a creative fashion house that focuses on slow fashion designer wear, creating original music and other multi-media art creations.

Hannan is a Muslim model challenging beauty standards, and pushing for greater representation for Muslim in the fashion industry.

Liandra is the founder and creative director who has used her label, Liandra Swim, to battle stereotypes and representation for Blak women. Liandra is also the co-CEO of Enterprise Learning Projects, championing remote entrepreneurs across Northern Australia.

Laura Mazikana is an Afro-protective hairstylist who represents growing inclusion behind the scenes, working with afro-textured hair and finding liberation in sharing stories through hair.

A self-taught digital artist from Western Sydney, Serwah has gained international notoriety for her hyper-fantastic worlds, 3D animations and being a female trailblazer in NFTs industry. Serwah has worked with brands and retailers including Nike, Valentino, Crumpler and Vogue Italia.

Makeup artist and model Sean Brady is a rising talent within the Australian fashion industry, and is the face and talent behind many of his highly creative makeup looks whilst pushing the boundaries of makeup through digital filters.